Kyushu Natural Animal Park African Safari


Business hours

March 1 to October 31 November 1 to the end of February
Reception opens 9:00~16:00 9:30~15:00
Opening time 9:30 10:00
Closing time 16:30

Entrance to the Safari Zone closed at 16:00


Entrance to the Safari Zone closed at 15:00

  • Visitors are required to ride on a vehicle inside the Safari Zone

Open 365 days a year (including rainy days)

Admission fee

Adult (High school student or above) JPY 2,600
Child ( 4 years to junior high school student) JPY 1,500

Guide DVD rental fee

Per owner-driven car JPY 600
Per bus JPY 1,200

Available credit cards

  • Please be advised that there are no ATMs (cash dispensers) in the premises.
  • We recommend you go to ATM (cash dispenser) either in Beppu or Yufuin beforehand if you need cash.
Available cards Available for:
Available: Visa, Master, JCB, OC, American Express, Diners Club Admission ticket, Jungle bus ticket, dog grooming salon, miniature horse riding, shopping at Arosa/dog salon/cat salon.

Jungle buses

Jungle buses

Enjoy watching and feeding wild animals including lions, tigers and giraffes while riding this unique bus.

Animal-looking Jungle Buses are very popular among children!

Large windows offer good views and animals come very close to you! It is such an exciting experience to feed animals from your hands regardless of age. Lineup for our Jungle bus cover 11 animals including lion, elephant, tiger, rhino. Have fun whichever bus you ride!

African Safari is located in mountainous area. Please expect sudden decline of temperature or a strong wind during winter. We recommend you wear gloves and warm clothes.


Currently, Jungle Bus seats cannot be booked in advance. Seats are sold on a first come, first served basis.

  • Please be advised that, occasionally, not everyone can ride on a Jungle Bus especially on holidays and peak times.
  • Separate fare for Jungle Bus
  • The ride will be approximately 50 minutes.
  • Please be advised that frequency of bus operation is subject to weather and busyness.
  • Timetable may be changed slightly due to movement of animals.
  • Children aged 3 or below are free, however, no seats available for them. They are required to sit on parent’s/guardian’s lap.
Adult (High school student or above) JPY 1,300
Child (4 years to junior high school student) JPY 1,100

How to get there

Route suggestions

  • At a “smart interchange”, ETC is required to be installed in your car. You cannot get out of smart interchange otherwise.
  • Routes and other information available here is just for your reference. You may find actual situation different due to traffic jam, accidents and weather etc. Please follow road signs and guideboards when traveling to/from African Safari.

Express bus

  1. Please take a bus bound for “Beppu Kitahama bus center/Beppu station” from your bus stop.
  2. After getting off the bus, walk to JR Beppu station to take an express bus running between Beppu station western exit and Safari operated by “Kamenoi Bus”.
  • Please be aware that express bus stops at various locations on its way to African Safari.

Ordinary bus

Ordinary bus between Beppu station western exit and Safari is also available. Please make sure you take a “Kamenoi” bus.

■Kamenoi bus fare

  • Please be advised that ordinary bus stops at all bus stops on its way to African Safari.
Beppu station western exit – Safari (approx. 50 min.) Adult (one way): JPY 800

Timetable: Bound for Safari

Anti-COVID19 Measures

Various anti-COVID-19 measures in place

Keep social distance
Wear a mask
Disinfect various locations
Controlled admission
Disinfectant available

Weather Forecast